Marcq en Baroeul in 2500!

CATOT Emmy-Anne              Redaction in the future

MAES Cloé  

I see in the future where life is very different,because in 2500 the human population live on Jupiter! Cars will be replaced by space crafts.Books will be transformed in to tablets .But teachers  will be aliens.The churche of St Vincent will be replaced by big building  because  the religion will be dont existed

                the future is amaizing!!in the future

Marcq-en-Baroeul in 2500

In 2500, Marcq-en-Baroeul will be a big city. Marcq will be bigger than Lille. The building will be very high. In all the houses, there will be a teleportation machine. The aliens will be the slaves from the humans. There won’t be cars anymore. There won’t have tree because there won’t have space. There will be farmer, there will be bigger than now but there won’t have a lot of space.

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