The life in 2999 will be different of today.

Also, I will not have real teachers because the robots will replace them.

So, we will fly without machine because of the technical progres.

Too, the skycrapers will be higher of today, they will touch the sky.

We will be more intelligent than we in 2014 and dogs will be robots.

        By Yassin & Theo.

Marq in 2500

The life in 2500 at Marq-En-Baroeul will be very easier than today because we will go at work with teleportation machines it will be faster than today for go to house with the new flying cars and the house will can floatin the air.






alexis itswer

antoine durieux

Marcq en Baroeul in 2500!

CATOT Emmy-Anne              Redaction in the future

MAES Cloé  

I see in the future where life is very different,because in 2500 the human population live on Jupiter! Cars will be replaced by space crafts.Books will be transformed in to tablets .But teachers  will be aliens.The churche of St Vincent will be replaced by big building  because  the religion will be dont existed

                the future is amaizing!!in the future

Marcq En Baroeul in 2500

                                                 In 2500, There will be skysreapers everywhere. Marcq En Baroeul will be in the sky and an part of the city will be under ground. There will be a new vegetation because of to population. There will also be giant man, witch, robot, alian, the food won’t be healthy. We won’t see a little house,apartment only big skyscreapers.And we won’t go in the parks because they are dispared.


                                                       Juliette et Eglantine. lilypad


I see in the future where life is different .

In 3000 , there will be video games in 4th dimension.


 People will go to china and many other countries with teleportation.



Meat will be developed in lab from cell.



Some humains will be robot in the future.

The town MARCQ-EN-BAROEUL will be destroy

Life in the futur 2500

Hi,today we going to talk about the life in the futur in 2500.

We live in Marcq en baroeul in France, we have 12 years old and we think the people will have a strange face , cars will be flying, the shops will be online in internet , the peaple don’t need to work because they will be billionaires , they will have some robots slave.




Ahlam Khanfar & Estelle Gurteen: :D


Bonne lecture les gens :D


Marcq en baroeul in 2500

                                     In the future, marcq en baroeul will have buildings in the streets. The buildings will have differents sorts of plants on their roof, the homes will be transparent, and the roads will be in glass. The canal of Marcq will be more small. The architecture will be more advenced, because the homes forms will be more geometrics.

Robots will wash the city, and help the humans.  There will haven’t pollution because the cars will be electrics.

The people will respect the environement, and they will use bike for the little displacement, because it’s more ecologic. The police will move with flying cars because the oldest cars make all lot of pollution.

image future

Morival Thibault, Jocteur-Monrozier Inès 5eme Carambole






Marcq-en-Baroeul in 2500

In 2500, Marcq-en-Baroeul will be a big city. Marcq will be bigger than Lille. The building will be very high. In all the houses, there will be a teleportation machine. The aliens will be the slaves from the humans. There won’t be cars anymore. There won’t have tree because there won’t have space. There will be farmer, there will be bigger than now but there won’t have a lot of space.

Lola and Alica IF

The life in 2500

In 2500, there will be a cars fly because it will reduice a pollution. There won’t be a house anymore but there will be a buldings. A animals will talk and will life like humans. A robots will do domestic chores and in Marcq-en-baroeul, humans’ friends will be an alien.

DEBRUYNE Charlotte
KUYLLE Camille


Imagine Marcq-en-Baroeul in 2500

The city of Marcq-en-Baroeul organises a contest: Futuramarcq

You and your class must create a blog where you present Marcq-en-Baroeul in 2500.

What will be different ?

You can talk about the streets, the buildings, the cars, the parks, the people…



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